My favorite Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcake Handcrafted chocolate butterfly cupcakes make a great springtime party treat for your classy get together.
Pastel Flower Cupcake A delicate design of flowers crafted in al frosting over white or chocolate cake.
Heart Cupcake Creamy frosting with letter hearts over white and chocolate cake. Available in other colors too.
Honey Bee Cupcake White cake, creamy honey frosting, with bees made from jellybeans and almonds.
Pumpkin Patch Cupcake White cake, frosting, colored chocolate leaves, chocolate dipped donut munchkin as the pumpkin.
Strawberry Cupcake OMG, giant chocolate dipped strawberries as toppers for cupcakes. Genius!
Dove Cupcake Delicate creamy frosting, fondant doves, and sprinkled in fairy dust.
Lemon Carnations Lemon and Summer go hand in hand and these tasty treats are a wonderful surprise.
Peacock & Perls Cupcake Delicate designs of handcrafted fondant, frosting, and candy perls really make a statement for any bridal shower or reception.
Golfers Cupcake White and/or Chocolate cake covered in green grassy frosting and topped with a solid chocolate golf ball.