My Cake Gallery

50th Anniversary Cake Three tiers of white cake decorated in sweat buttercream frosting, fondant roses and live roses.
Disney "Bella" Cake From the movie Beauty and the Beast, Bella is a favorite with little girls. The skirt, details, and bouquet consist of cake draped in fondant color matching the real doll centered in the cake.
Chocolate Autumn Cake A rich chocolate double layer cake covered in dark chocolate frosting, decorated with hand crafted chocolate leaves.
Baptsim Cake This wonderfully decorated fondant three layer cake may also come with coordinating cupcakes.
Triple Chocolate Layer Love the taste of chocolate cake without a lot of fronting? This three layer wonder is topped with light and dark cracked chocolate fudge.
Strawberries-n-Cream Ladyfinger cakes surround this creamy delight of white cake, frosting, and topped with fresh jumbo strawberries.
Chocolate Lovers Cake A double layer chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, decorated with fondant flowers.
Giant Rose Cake Two thick layers of chocolate wonder adorned by creamy mint fronting roses.
Santa Cake A very Merry Christmas cake handcrafted fondant Santa, tree, and snow.
Birthday Roses Cake For that special birthday girl a bouquet of handmade roses adorn this tasty cake.
All Berried Cake With all that goodness who needs frosting. This cream cheese filled wonder is a delight for your taste buds.
Retirement Clock Cake This large eighteen inch triple layer cake covered in traditional frosting can serve up a small army of cake lovers.
Elmo and friends cake White and/or Chocolate cake covered in colored frosting and topped with fondant accents.
Superhero Fondant Cake Three double layers of superhero fun for every boy (and girl) who loves the classic superheros.
Godzilla Themed Cake What classic sci-fi fan would not enjoy taking a bite out of Godzilla. Other character themed cakes are also available.
Classic Birthday Basket This classic three layer chocolate and white cake is carefully wrapped in a traditional basket weave design.
Nautical Theme Cake Hand crafted fondant covered chocolate cake with homemade colored candy sea ornaments sitting on brown sugar.