A Few Words About Myself

A long road to perfection

I love baking cakes and seeing the personalization of my creations come to life for the people I make them for. I started many years ago with a few cakes for friends and family but soon began getting requests as word-of-mouth began to grow. There were birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, and theme cakes of all the sorts.

Then came the cupcake craze and everyone wanted mini-cakes along side the traditional cakes I have been creating for them. So their I dove in and found yet another love for cake, just on a smaller scale.

It was not long before I was delivering giant platform trees of cupcakes for baby showers and weddings, and Spring and Summer events. Those little wonders had become a great complement to my larger love, the cake.

My Vision

Create Happiness I want to create special treats like cakes and cupcakes that simply make people happy.
Better ingredients Great taste will come from using better ingredients so I take the long road to creating perfection.
Be Creative I love delivering a new and unique cake or cupcake design. A single one-of-a-kind treat that becomes special for someone.