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Popular Treats
CHOCOLATE AUTUMN for the chocolate lover

A rich chocolate double layer cake covered in dark chocolate frosting, decorated with hand crafted chocolate leaves..

Butterfly Cupcakes so pretty, so yummy

Handcrafted chocolate butterfly cupcakes make a great springtime party treat for your classy get together.

Stawberries-n-Cream everyone loves ladyfingers

Ladyfinger cakes surround this creamy delight of white cake, frosting, and topped with fresh jumbo strawberries.

Did You Know?

What is Fondant?

Rolled fondant is the flexible, easy-to-shape icing that lets you do it all: create easy heart or flower cut-outs and simple hand-shaped ball or ruffle borders.

What is Buttercream?

Simple buttercream (also known as American buttercream, decorator's buttercream, and decorator's frosting) is made by creaming together fats (butter, margarine, or vegetable shortening) and powdered sugar to the desired consistency and lightness.

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